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    What is Gynaecology?

    Gynecology is the medical discipline that focuses primarily on female health, especially on the issues of the female reproductive system and health. It is concerned with the diagnosis, treatment as well as care of the aforementioned. In a layman’s language, the given branch provides solutions to all the medical issues revolving around the major components of the vaginal canal, uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes. Furthermore, contrary to common belief the discipline also additionally specializes in the identification and treatment of breast issues in women.

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    Some of the most common issues include pregnancy, obstetrics,

    menstruation disorders such as PCOS and/or PCOD, fertility complications, hormonal disorders, sexually transmitted infections, and so many others. Family planning, contraceptives, breast, and reproductive canal cancers and tumors, also fall in the purview of some of the best gynecologists in Delhi.

    Common symptoms include extreme pain and or bleeding during menstrual cycles, painful intercourse, itchiness or burning sensations in or around genital areas, birth control issues, and urinary inconsistency.

    Although the issues previously listed may seem benign, if left untreated they may become a part of multifold problems. Some common diagnostic, as well as treatment procedures, may include, ultrasounds, colposcopy or an examination of the cervix, endometrial biopsy, vaginal tightening, pregnancy termination, hysterectomy or surgical procedure to remove the womb, hymenoplasty (also known as hymenorrhaphy), more commonly referred to as the cosmetic restoration of the hymen among others.

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