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    What is Hymenoplasty?

    Hymenoplasty, also known as hymen restoration surgery, is a surgical technique that seeks to repair the skin membrane in the lower section of the vaginal canal known as the hymen. You can look for hymenoplasty surgery in Delhi at Uphealth.

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    What is a Hymen?

    The hymen is made up of human tissue that appears like an oval rubber washer and covers the vaginal entrance partially or fully. This ring-shaped membrane can be thin and flexible or thick and stiff, depending on the use. It starts to develop while the female is still in the womb, generally during the fourth month of pregnancy.

    The hymen, contrary to popular belief, is not an impenetrable seal, unless under exceptional circumstances. In truth, regardless of the procedure, the first rupture does not always flow blood and is not always excruciatingly painful. A hymen has no practical function. Despite this, this unremarkable sheath of skin has historically – and erroneously – functioned as indisputable, definitive proof of a woman’s purity and innocence throughout history. Many cultures still consider an unbroken hymen to be a sign of virginity.

    Perforation of the hymen can be caused by ordinary activities like intense athletics, horseback or bicycle riding, a simple gynecological check-up with a speculum or gloved finger insertion, or even a tampon insertion, depending on its tensile strength. Connect with our professionals at Uphealth for online appointment for hymenoplasty Delhi

    The procedure

    Hymenoplasty surgery in Delhi is typically a straightforward outpatient surgery that may be performed under local anesthetic in our clinic. Any damaged skin around the hymen’s margins is trimmed away carefully and precisely, while the remaining tissue is sewn together, leaving a tiny hole. The hymenal ring is returned to its original size and form. In cases of hymen repair in Delhi where there isn’t enough skin to repair the hymen, or if one doesn’t exist, the surgeon can make one out of the body’s thin vaginal skin (vaginal mucosa) or synthetic tissue. Consult our surgeons for hymenoplasty online appointment Delhi.

    The Recovery

    Despite the fact that this is a clinical procedure that requires no hospitalization and allows women to return to work the same day, excessive exercise and heavy lifting should be avoided. There may be some little bleeding during the first 48 to 715 minutes, but this is quite common. It takes around six weeks for the body to fully recover.

    Rest assured, our experienced staff at Uphealth, one of the leading centers for hymenoplasty, prioritizes the comfort and health of our valued patients. We have the best hymenoplasty surgeon in Delhi that offers advanced laser and laparoscopic surgical treatment.

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