Vaginal Tightening

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    What is Vaginal Tightening?

    Vagina, or the female genitalia, is naturally elastic, but it may get somewhat looser as you get older or have children, nonetheless, the muscles stretch and retract in the same way as an accordion or a rubber band does. Such vaginal laxity, caused by tissue stretching and muscle separation, can cause a tampon to come out, and this loss of tone can also contribute to sexual dysfunction.

    In fact, the vaginal wall can alter for a variety of causes, resulting in dryness, discomfort during intercourse, or just a decrease in satisfaction. Some women have vaginal dryness after menopause, or their vaginal elasticity decreases with age or after delivery. This lack of suppleness may also lead to recurrent vaginal infections.

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    The Solution

    Vaginoplasty, commonly known as posterior colporrhaphy, is a vaginal tightening medical, surgical procedure. Noninvasive vaginal tightening using radiofrequency waves or a laser is also an alternative that many patients have been known to opt for. Patients who experience such laxity benefit immensely from these therapies with significant differences being evident enough after 4-5 sessions.

    Advanced laser vaginal tightening is a painless technique that restores the vagina’s natural suppleness. The treatment takes 4 to 5 sessions to complete. Each session lasts 20 minutes and is spaced out over a 25-day period. There are no cuts, sutures, blood loss, extensive discomfort, or hospitalization with laser vaginal tightening.


    The vaginal tightening doctors in Delhi often gently place a tiny rod into the vagina, which is then gently withdrawn, and a laser beam is used to create small holes in the vaginal lining. The perforations in the vaginal wall promote fresh blood flow and tissue development. Rest assured, however, that the comfort and health of our valued patients are a top priority for our skilled personnel at Uphealth.

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