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    What is Laparoscopy?

    Laparoscopy, commonly referred to as diagnostic laparoscopy, is a surgical, diagnostic, low-risk, minimally invasive procedure used to examine the organs of the abdomen and pelvis with only a few small incisions.

    A laparoscope is a long, thin tube with a high-intensity, front-mounted, light-weighted, high-resolution camera placed on the front. The device is inserted via the previously mentioned small incision in the abdominal wall in an attempt to examine certain key areas in real-time by transmitting visual data on television screens, specifically when ultrasounds, X-Rays, MRI scans, etc fail to provide sufficient information for an accurate diagnosis. It is also used to collect biopsy samples at times by laparoscopic surgeons in Delhi.

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    Due to the nature of the procedure, it may also be at

    times referred to as the keyhole surgery. Some common cases which necessitate a laparoscopic procedure include liver diseases, progression of an abdominal cancer, abdominal masses and tumors, fluid in the abdominal cavity, and diagnosis of the effectiveness of ongoing treatments.

    The release period from such a laparoscopy is often small, due to which it is performed as an outpatient procedure in most cases. In a layman’s language you can most probably go home the same day, but since the release period is dependent on three main factors of your reaction to the same, your physical condition and existing diseases and lastly the anesthesia used, in some rare cases the best laparoscopic surgeons may keep patients overnight for observation.

    Nonetheless, it is a low-cost procedure that may be used

    to address a diverse set of medical problems in the abdominal and pelvic region.UpHealth is a leading Indian multispecialty clinic that offers a wide and extensive network of accessibility to leading surgeons across the country with some of the best laparoscopic surgeons comprising a significant part of the team. Our team of laparoscopy doctors prides itself in using minimally invasive laser treatments while prioritizing the comfort and health of our valued patients with a prioritization factor for cost-effectiveness and affordability.

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