Hip Relacement

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    What is Hip Relacement?

    Hip replacement surgery, also known as total hip arthroplasty, may be an option for you if your hip discomfort is interfering with your everyday activities and nonsurgical therapies haven’t helped or are no longer effective. The most prevalent reason for hip replacement is arthritis deterioration.

    The best hip replacement surgeon in Delhi removes the damaged components of your hip joint and replaces them with components made of metal, ceramic, or extremely hard plastic during hip replacement. This prosthesis (artificial joint) helps to relieve discomfort and enhance function.

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    Types of hip replacement surgery

    The hip replacement procedures can be majorly categorised into 3 major types:

    Replacement of the whole hip joint

    A complete hip replacement is the most frequent form of hip replacement surgery (also called total hip arthroplasty). Artificial implants are used to replace worn-out or damaged parts of your hip during this procedure. A strong plastic cup replaces the socket, which may or may not contain a titanium metal casing. Our femoral head will be taken out and replaced with a ceramic or metal alloy ball. A metal stem is put into the top of your femur, and the replacement ball is connected to it.

    Partially replaced hip

    Instead of replacing both sides of the hip joint, partial hip replacement (also known as hemiarthroplasty) replaces only one side of the hip joint – the femoral head. This surgery is most often performed on elderly individuals who have suffered a hip fracture.

    Resurfacing of the hips

    In younger, more active patients, femoral head and socket resurfacing is the most prevalent procedure.


    The best joint replacement surgeon in Delhi will examine your hip thoroughly, study X-rays, and do physical testing to determine your issue. A variety of activities will next be used to assess the strength and range of motion of your hip joint. Any changes in size or form, as well as any unexpected situations, will be revealed by X-rays of your hip joint. MRIs are used to diagnose illness in its early stages. Nonetheless, the comfort and health of our valued patients are of the utmost importance to our experienced staff at Uphealth.We offer advanced laser and laparoscopic surgical treatment.

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