Meniscus Tear

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    What is Meniscus Tear?

    A torn meniscus can be painful and incapacitating. Regrettably, it is extremely frequent. A meniscal tear is, in fact, one of the most common cartilage injuries in the knee. So, what exactly is a meniscus? It’s a portion of cartilage that cushions and stabilizes the joint in your knee. It shields the bones from deterioration. A decent twist of the knee, on the other hand, is all it takes to tear the meniscus. In rare situations, a piece of torn cartilage comes away and gets caught in the knee joint, locking it up.

    Meniscus tears are frequent in contact sports like football, as well as non-contact sports like volleyball and soccer that require leaping and cutting. They can develop when a person rapidly changes direction while jogging, and they frequently occur in conjunction with other knee ailments, such as an anterior cruciate ligament injury, more commonly known as an ACL tear.

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    A torn meniscus may manifest itself in the given forms including but not limited to:

    • Knee Pain and Swelling
    • During the injury, there was a popping feeling.
    • Leg bending and straightening are difficult.
    • A propensity for your knee to become “stuck” or “locked up.”
    • The discomfort may not be severe at first. You could even be able to play despite your ailment. However, once the inflammation has set in, your knee will most likely hurt a lot.

    Hence, if you are suffering from any of the above it might be time to visit the local meniscus tear doctor in Delhi.

    Diagnosis and

    Your meniscus tear doctor will perform a comprehensive examination to determine whether you have a meniscus tear. They’ll want to know everything about how you were hurt. To rule out fractured bones and other issues, X-rays may be required. An MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan, which permits a more comprehensive examination of knee cartilage, may also be required.

    The treatment for the same, however, differs on a case-to-case basis but is often a combination of the RICE model as well as medications, with surgery becoming a part of the procedure in rare and extreme cases. Nevertheless, the comfort, accessibility, affordability, and health of our valued patients are of the utmost importance to our staff at Uphealth.We offer advanced laser and laparoscopic surgical treatment.

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