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    What is Proctology?

    Proctology is the medical discipline that focuses primarily on the diagnosis, management, and treatment of anal, colonic, and rectum diseases. More commonly referred to as the branch of colorectal procedures i.e. colon and rectal procedures. Proctologists, also referred to as colorectal surgeons mainly help in managing and treating the diseases concerned with the human intestinal tract.

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    The human intestine can be bifurcated into four major parts, namely

    the colon, rectum, anal passage, and perianal region. Few common diseases include abscesses and anal fistulae or in a layman’s terms infections near the anus and rectum, fissures or more commonly known as small tears in the anal lining, hemorrhoids i.e. swollen internal and/or external veins around the anus and pilonidal sinus or an abnormal skin growth, and sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia, etc.

    Although proctology isn’t limited to the aforementioned diseases, they are far more common in comparison to their counterparts of colon cancer, polyps, etc. Our proctology doctors at Uphealth may use a number of individual or combination treatments to manage the above including but not limited to, medicines and procedures for diagnosis and treatment such as colonoscopy, endorectal ultrasounds, digital rectal exams, painless laser treatments, etc.

    Nonetheless, even though most of these conditions are easily treatable, if ignored they can become a part of a much larger problem and hence necessitate an immediate visit to the nearest proctology doctor in Delhi. Some common symptoms of such diseases might include Anal itching or burning, bleeding or other discharge from the anus, anal or rectal discomfort, anal warts, lumps, or the sense of a foreign body, and fecal incontinence.

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    that offers a wide and extensive network of accessibility to leading surgeons across the country with some of the best proctologists comprising an important part of the team. Our team of proctology doctors prides itself in using minimally invasive treatments while prioritizing the comfort and health of our valued patients with a keen eye for cost-effectiveness and affordability. Moreover, most of the treatments are usually one day procedures and allow for quick recovery in patients, due to no blood loss.

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