Pilonidal Sinus

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    What is Pilonidal Sinus?

    A pilonidal sinus, also commonly referred to as PNS, is a narrow opening in the human skin in the form of a hole or tube. Such an opening may fill up with fluid or pus, forming a cyst or abscess. It usually develops in the buttocks’ cleft, hence hair, grit, and debris are some of the most common components of a pilonidal sinus. It can be quite painful and has a high probability of getting infected. Some key indicators of such an infection might include leaking pus and blood and emitting a horrible stench.

    The actual etiology of this condition is unknown, however, it is considered to be a combination of hormonal changes (since it occurs after puberty), hair growth, and friction from clothing or lengthy periods of sitting. As a result, PNS is a disorder that has been historically known to primarily affect men but is also prevalent among teenagers and youth. People who sit a lot, such as cab drivers or modern-day employees who are currently working long hours from home are far more susceptible to the same.

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    Symptoms might be harder to recognize during the development stage of the cyst but often include:

    • Discomfort whether sitting or standing
    • Cystic enlargement
    • Reddish, painful skin surrounding the affected area
    • Pus or blood seeping from the abscess, resulting in a terrible odor
    • Sprouting hair from the lesion
    • The creation of many sinus tracts or skin holes

    A low-grade fever is also possible but is considerably less common. Nonetheless, if you are experiencing any of the above, you need to visit a pilonidal sinus doctor in Delhi immediately.

    Diagnosis and

    Doctors frequently use a multi-step approach to provide an accurate diagnosis, which usually begins with a brief discussion about the patient’s medical history, followed by a physical exam aimed at detecting the bleeding or oozing fluid. If more clarity is required for a proper diagnosis, they may order X-Rays and CT scans as well.

    Pilonidal sinus treatment in Delhi entails a careful combination of medications as well as surgeries, the complexity of which differs on several different accounts including infection, progression, etc. Painless, effective and simple laser surgery led by our specialist is the perfect solution. Nevertheless, rest assured, at Uphealth our team of professionals aims to prioritize the comfort and health of our valued patients.

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