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    What is Phimosis?

    Phimosis is a disorder that causes the foreskin to be unable to be retracted (drawn back) from the tip of the penis. A tight foreskin is typical in uncircumcised newborn males, although it normally resolves itself by the age of three.

    Phimosis can develop spontaneously or as a consequence of scarring. Young boys may not require treatment for phimosis until it causes difficulty urinating or other symptoms. The need for medical intervention may rise as these boys get older.

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    Patients have been historically known to experience the following symptoms if you have phimosis:

    • In the washroom, your foreskin expands like a balloon while urinating, which is excruciating in most cases. You could notice blood in the toilet or the stream. The stream may also additionally appear to be weaker than usual.
    • When you are having intercourse, an erection might cause you discomfort.
    • Your foreskin hurts, and you might also notice traces of discharge.
    • A white ring around the entrance of your foreskin resembles scar tissue.
    • You may also experience severe swelling at the head of your penis or throughout the organ.

    If you are experiencing any of the above, it might be time to visit the nearest phimosis doctor.

    Diagnosis and

    A physical exam and a study of your son’s symptoms are generally adequate to determine if he has phimosis or another disease, such as balanitis. The best phimosis treatment in Delhi is often a mixture of medication and surgical procedures, depending on the severity of the situation. In the case of an infection, a sample of the foreskin is generally taken and examined in a lab. Antibiotics will be required for a bacterial illness, while antifungal ointments may be required for a fungal infection.

    If there is no infection or other condition causing phimosis and the tight foreskin looks to be normal development, there may be many therapeutic options available. Depending on the severity of the disease, daily mild retraction may be sufficient to treat it. Circumcision or an equivalent surgical treatment may be used in more extreme instances. Rest assured, with our permanent solutions using advanced laser circumcision our experienced staff at Uphealth, one of the leading centers for phimosis, prioritizes the comfort and health of our valued patients.The best part is no stitches and/or cuts, get in touch with us now!

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